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The Revolution Will Not Be Legitimized, Vol. 2

CC image courtesy of gnuckx The Revolution Will Not Be Legitimized: Armed Resistance in Occupied Palestine by Jordan Calazan Manalastas* It is said that when the invincibly oblivious Louis XVI first heard about the raid on the Bastille, the good king exclaimed, “But good God! That is a revolt!” The duc de la Rouchefoucauld replied, “No,…

Oct 2014


Egypt’s Constitution: The Narrative of Counter-Revolution, Vol. 2

CC Image Courtesy of Ramy Raoof Egypt’s Constitution: The Narrative of Counter-Revolution by Jordan Calazan Manalastas* Was Secretary of State John Kerry right to remark, last July, that the Egyptian military’s coup d’état was “restoring democracy”?[1] Perhaps not, if his sobered response to Egypt’s recent constitutional referendum is any indication.[2] On one hand, a spectacular…

Mar 2014