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Volume 55 Issue 4


A False Promise? The Right of Establishment for East Africa Community Legal Persons, Vol. 56

Priscah Nyotah, Edwin Abuya, & Francis Situma

The right of establishment (ROE) is fundamental in any regional block. Under this right, community citizens and firms (rights holders) are entitled to leave their countries and establish commercial ventures, on a self-employed basis, in the territory of other partner states.

May 2024

False Spring: Deep Corruption and Protecting the Regime, Vol. 56

Mohamed 'Arafa

What do a shrimp farm in Saudi Arabia, fish-luring buoys for local fishermen in ‘Oman, and a domestic airline in Kazakhstan have in common? In 1976, the United States Supreme Court inaugurated an era of nearly unlimited political spending with Buckley v. Valeo. After the Watergate scandal cratered a popular presidency and sent shockwaves through…

May 2024


The Viability of a Habeas Challenge to Extraterritorial Immigration Detention: A Case Study of Camp Bondsteel, Vol. 56

Ammar Inayatali

In the 1990s, the Bush Administration changed how industrialized countries process refugees. Instead of allowing refugees to enter their territories and afford them ostensible substantive and procedural asylum protections, industrialized countries began offshoring and externalizing their refugee processing to third-party countries. Today, families who sought refuge in Australia now sit indefinitely confined in Papua New…

May 2024

Drugs, Death, and Deterrence: A Critical Discussion of Singapore’s Use of the Death Penalty in Drug Trafficking Cases, Vol. 56

Kaitlyn Greening

Over the course of the past half century, the topic of the death penalty had been hotly contested. The late 1980s marked the beginning of a movement against the imposition of mandatory capital punishment sentences. Various governing bodies, tribunals, protocols, and conventions have since established that the death penalty is no longer a legitimate punishment…

May 2024