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Tag: Law of the Sea


Russia: Arctic Sun Sets on Greenpeace, Vol. 1

CC Image Courtesy of  Chesnot Jerome Arctic Sun Sets on Greenpeace by Alex Kerrigan* In the final chapter of Greenpeace’s recent Arctic saga, the Russian Federation has released thirty of the organization’s members, which had been held since mid-September.[1] The release comes after the Russian parliament granted the activists amnesty through a bill passed in…

Jan 2014


Competing Contradictions: The South China Sea, Vol. 1

CC Image Courtesy of M. Crozet Competing Contradictions: The U.S. Approach to the South China Sea by Noah Black* I.  Introduction Perhaps overlooked in the shutdown imbroglio, the White House recently cancelled a presidential trip to a meeting of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).[1] Instead, John Kerry, the Secretary of State, was tasked…

Oct 2013