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Countering An Illegal Expropriation to the Sound of the Gavel: GM vs Venezuela?, Vol. 56.2

Danilo Ruggero Di Bella

This article illustrates how bilateral investment treaties (BITs) help foreign investors to protect their undertakings against expropriations by the host state.  By taking a real life example, the article will briefly discuss the 2017 expropriation of General Motors’ assembly plant in Venezuela.  Following that, it will show how GM may avail itself of international rights…

Dec 2023


Peru: Sterilizing the Poor as an Economic Measure, Vol. 2

CC Image courtesy of worldwide-souvenirs Peru: Sterilizing the Poor as an Economic Measure By Oscar Lopez* I.              Introduction In 1990, Peru was looking for a president with a vision for strong economic reform that would end the country’s long-lasting hyperinflation.[1] Alberto Fujimori started on the campaign trail with a populist rhetoric that criticized the economic…

Mar 2014