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In Re Section 301 Litigation, Vol. 56.1

Nicholas Moran

Introduction Glistening racks of aluminum frames hang from industrial beams, as orange-vested laborers walk through chest-high rows of bike tires. South Carolina’s Kent Bikes produces 350,000 bikes annually from its 200,000 square-foot domestic plant, and employs 130 Americans. Kent’s output relies heavily on Chinese and Taiwanese part imports, which now come with import tariffs of…

Aug 2023


No Wine-ing: Trademark in China, Vol. 1

CC Image Courtesy of Stewart Butterfield No Wine-ing: The Story of Wine Companies and Trademark in China by Lindsey A. Zahn, Esq.* Imagine you’ve embarked on a journey to explore the Asiatic continent with friends and, after the day-long flight to China, you sit at one of the Beijing’s finest restaurants. You just ordered your…

Nov 2013