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Some Questions About Ukrainian “Way to NATO” Constitutionality: Some Legal Aspects Which May Become the Stumbling Blocks for Ukrainian Future NATO Membership, Vol. 56.2

Sergiy Panasyuk

Introduction  Following the recent official survey, almost 90% of Ukrainians want Ukraine to become a North Atlantic Treaty Organization (“NATO”) member, which is logical given Russia’s full-scale invasion in 2022. The paradox, however, is that such a way is blocked primarily because of the Russian invasion. Putin reasoned that by invading, he could halt the…

Dec 2023


In Re Section 301 Litigation, Vol. 56.1

Nicholas Moran

Introduction Glistening racks of aluminum frames hang from industrial beams, as orange-vested laborers walk through chest-high rows of bike tires. South Carolina’s Kent Bikes produces 350,000 bikes annually from its 200,000 square-foot domestic plant, and employs 130 Americans. Kent’s output relies heavily on Chinese and Taiwanese part imports, which now come with import tariffs of…

Aug 2023


No Wine-ing: Trademark in China, Vol. 1

CC Image Courtesy of Stewart Butterfield No Wine-ing: The Story of Wine Companies and Trademark in China by Lindsey A. Zahn, Esq.* Imagine you’ve embarked on a journey to explore the Asiatic continent with friends and, after the day-long flight to China, you sit at one of the Beijing’s finest restaurants. You just ordered your…

Nov 2013