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Reality Check: The U.S. Labor Action Against Guatemala, Vol. 2

CC image courtesy of Fernando Reyes Palencia Reality Check: A Realistic View of the United States Labor Action Against Guatemala by Aida V. Nieto* I. Introduction Last month I discussed the decision of the United States Trade Representative, Michael Froman, to pursue a labor enforcement case against Guatemala under the Dominican Republic-Central America Free Trade Agreement…

Dec 2014


Executive Efforts to Solve the Immigration Crisis, Vol. 2

CC image courtesy of Nevele Otseog Sans-Congress: Executive Efforts to Solve the Immigration Crisis through Treaty Enforcement by Aida V. Nieto* Immigration Policy and Politics On June 30, 2014, President Barack Obama vowed to the American people that he would take executive action by the end of the summer to begin repairing America’s broken immigration…

Nov 2014