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Cornell International Law Journal Online

Moral Damages Due to Loss of Reputation in Investment Arbitration: A Search for A Common Standard, Vol. 56.2

Vibhu Pahuja

The concept of moral damages has been judicially observed in the field of international investment arbitration. Firstly introduced in the Lusitania Cases, moral damages can be referred to the form of damages to repair for an injury resulting out of a non-material harm, i.e., harm which is not pecuniary in nature. Moral Damages can be…

Dec 2023

Cornell International Law Journal Online

Countering An Illegal Expropriation to the Sound of the Gavel: GM vs Venezuela?, Vol. 56.2

Danilo Ruggero Di Bella

This article illustrates how bilateral investment treaties (BITs) help foreign investors to protect their undertakings against expropriations by the host state.  By taking a real life example, the article will briefly discuss the 2017 expropriation of General Motors’ assembly plant in Venezuela.  Following that, it will show how GM may avail itself of international rights…

Dec 2023


Motion to Dismiss Fails to Launch, Vol. 2

CC image courtesy of Steve Jurvetson Motion to Dismiss Fails to Launch By Alex Kerrigan* I.         Introduction The private spacecraft company Sea Launch began in 1995 as a joint venture between Boeing, RSC-Energia of Moscow, Aker ASA of Oslo, and SDO Yuzhnoye of Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine) to create an affordable non-governmental satellite launch system.[1] Sea Launch…

Apr 2014


Smart Move: Argentina to Leave the ICSID, Vol. 1

CC Photo Courtesy of Jorge Gobbi Smart Move: Argentina to Leave the ICSID by Oscar Lopez* I. Introduction Due to the large number of claims that Argentina faces from international investors before the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes, the country has begun working towards leaving the Convention on the Settlement of Investment Disputes…

Jan 2014