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Category: Volume 55 Issue 4


Can Output Produced Autonomously by AI Systems Enjoy Copyright Protection, and Should It? An Analysis of the Current Legal Position and the Search for the Way Forward, Vol. 55

Catherine O'Callaghan

The debate as to whether output produced autonomously by Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) systems can, and should, benefit from copyright protection is evolving from a topic of largely theoretical discussion to a question with which courts and legislators can no longer avoid grappling.

Jan 2024


The Extra-Territorial Scope of Non-Refoulement, Vol. 55

Ned Hirst

The core principle at the heart of international law’s scheme for the protection of refugees is the principle of non-refoulement – that is, the obligation on the part of States not to return those with a well-founded fear of persecution to a territory where their life or freedom is threatened by reason of a protected…

Jan 2024


Merger Reviews in Labor Markets: How Antitrust Merger Review Divides Labor, Vol. 55

Heonjun Park

Labor markets have historically been considered irrelevant with antitrust merger reviews. However, recent developments suggest that this may change. The complaint by the Department of Justice (the “DOJ”) against the merger between Penguin Random House and Simon & Schuster was the harbinger of such change.

Jan 2024