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Category: Volume 55 Issue 3


Bollywood: The Unexpected Virtue of Copying Hollywood, Vol. 55

Samir Srivastava

The name itself suggests something treading the fine line between cinematic inspiration and a Frankensteinian creation gone wrong. Bollywood coined the name following Hollywood’s success, minting the goldmine of California’s neighborhood that had become synonymous with the domestic film industry.

Jan 2024


North American Energy in the Crossfire, Vol. 55

Guillermo J. Garcia Sanchez & James W. Coleman

North America is the beating heart of global energy markets undergoing a terrible energy crisis that threatens to upend both the economy and global security. The clearest path out of this global crisis is increasing energy supplies from North America, which can restore energy security and drive a transition to cleaner energy sources.

Jan 2024


Call Me By [My] Name: Gender-Fair Language Under German Civil and Constitutional Law, Vol. 55

Tala Brewster

“If everyone knows that the male includes the female, what’s the harm?” There have been many advances in gender equality over the last century; however, women and non-binary individuals still face on key disadvantage: language.

Jan 2024