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Category: Volume 55 Issue 2


Only Sovereignty? Global Emergencies Between Domestic and International Law, Vol. 55

Rottem Rosenberg Rubins & Gad Barzilai

The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrates the need for global norms that assist nation-states in preserving democracy amid emergencies, mitigating the threat of a worldwide democratic decline. This articles examines the role of international law in providing nation-states with such norms on two levels.

Nov 2023


Congress Needs to Pass an Afghan Adjustment Act Now, Vol. 55

Egan A. Hiatt

Videos of and reporting on the United States’ withdrawal from Afghanistan — the chaos, the desperation, the fear — has been to younger generations a fresh horror, and has left older generations seeing double: through one lens, the fall of Kabul; through the other, the fall of Saigon. The world has once again played witness…

Nov 2023