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Category: Volume 54 Issue 4


Avoiding the TRIPS Trap: A Path to Domestic Disclosure of Clinical Drug Data Consistent with International Norms, Vol. 54

Cynthia M. Ho

Should doctors, patients, and policymakers have complete information about new drugs? Complete transparency may seem like the obvious answer. But the reality is that available information is often incomplete.

Nov 2023


International Sales Law in Europe: Pitfalls & Opportunities, Vol. 54

Soterios Loizou

This Article examines the latest international uniform law initiative on the creation of an International Sales Law for Europe, namely the Common European Sales Law (CESL). It comprises four parts, which correspond to the most complex and important aspects of the project’s novel legal response to the problem of creating a transnational uniform legal instrument.

Nov 2023


Waivers of Complementarity in the ICC: Legality and Implications, Vol. 54

Michael S. Oaks

The Rome Statute, the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) constitution, treats states’ self-referrals of suspects before the ICC as a last resort for when states are unable to prosecute crimes domestically. Yet some states that are capable of prosecuting crimes domestically have controversially bypassed domestic prosecution in favor of prosecution by the ICC.

Nov 2023