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Category: Volume 54 Issue 2


Modern Slavery in Global Supply Chains: Towards a Legislative Solution, Vol. 54

David Hess

Modern slavery is a global problem. Over 25 million people are in forced labor, with many of those people directly or indirectly involved in the production of goods sold in the U.S. through multinational corporations’ supply chains.

Nov 2023


The Covid-19 Pandemic and International Law, Vol. 54

Oona A. Hathaway, Preston J. Lim, Alasdair Phillips-Robins, & Mark Stevens

How does the Covid-19 pandemic affect States’ obligations under international law? This is a question of not just academic interest but real importance for people’s lives.

Nov 2023


Prosecute or Protect? International Criminal Responsibility and the Recruitment of Isis Brides, Vol. 54

Nathalie M. Greenfield

In February 2018, seventeen-year-old Linda Wenzel narrowly escaped the death penalty in Iraq.  Linda had travelled to Iraq in 2016 to join Islamic State (Isis).

Nov 2023