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All but Quiet on the Northern Front: The Sector Principle as a Means of Resolving Arctic Territorial Disputes, Vol. 53

Joe D. Walsh

As climate change continues to melt the Arctic and pave the way for its commercial exploitation, several states have claimed part of what is currently international territory around the North Pole. Unfortunately, while all parties involved have already agreed not to create a new international legal regime to govern such claims, the existing legal regime,…

Apr 2022


Economic Crimes Against Humanity, Vol. 53

Federico J. Wynter

Whether economic sanctions can amount to crimes against humanity seems to be an issue of first impression in the ICC. It is, however, the next case in a line of disputes attempting to extend crimes against humanity into new territories and factual scenarios. This Note argues that economic sanctions applied in peacetime, such as the…

Mar 2022


Fighting the Power: Queer Social Movements and Their Impact on African Laws and Culture, Vol. 53

Khalid O. Vrede

The current approach by Western actors cannot be said to help queer people in Africa achieve sustainable rights. Instead of promoting rights for sexual and gender minorities, Western punitive advocacy has worsened the situation for queer people in Africa. What, then, if anything, can Western actors do to help secure rights for queer folk in…

Mar 2022


The Broken Promise of “Never Again”: Myanmar’s Genocide Analyzed Under the U.N. Genocide Convention and the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda’s Interpretation of the Convention

Mahnoor Khan

This Note examines the current genocide occurring in Myanmar. It looks at Myanmar’s cruel and inhumane treatment of the Rohingya community—a Muslim minority group in Myanmar with an initial population of one million. This Note proposes that Myanmar’s treatment of the Rohingya classifies as a genocide under the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of…

Nov 2021


Transnational Legal Feminisms – Challenges and Opportunities

by Cornell ILJ Symposium Team

Mar 2018