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Fighting the Power: Queer Social Movements and Their Impact on African Laws and Culture, Vol. 53

Khalid O. Vrede

23 Mar 2022

The current approach by Western actors cannot be said to help queer people in Africa achieve sustainable rights. Instead of promoting rights for sexual and gender minorities, Western punitive advocacy has worsened the situation for queer people in Africa. What, then, if anything, can Western actors do to help secure rights for queer folk in Africa? 

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 J.D.-ILA Candidate, 2021, Cornell Law School; B.A. English Rhetoric, 2017, Binghamton University. This Note was conceived in Professor Muna Ndulo’s Law and Social Change: Comparative Law in Africa seminar in the Fall of 2019. In addition to Professor Muna Ndulo and Professor Andrea Mooney, I would like to thank Chan Tov McNamarah for his incredible help in forming this Note, as well as Mariette Geldenhuys and Jared Ham for their assistance and insight. I also thank the staff of the Cornell International Law Journal for their diligent editing. This Note is dedicated to my parents, Mark and Wanda; sister, Desiree; and grandmother, Constance, whose unwavering support of my academic pursuits made its creation possible.