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Online Symposium 2018 – Interpersonal Human Rights

30 Oct 2018

Symposium: Interpersonal Human Rights

Welcome to Cornell International Law Journal’s Second Online Symposium (the “Symposium”).  This Symposium features a discussion of Hanoch Dagan & Avihay Dorfman’s Interpersonal Human Rights, which can be found in the print version of CIlJ in issue 51.2.  We are incredibly thankful to Professors Dagan & Dorfman for their intriguing scholarship and support throughout this process.  We are also very appreciative of all our Symposium authors who have generated a fascinating, thorough, and important discussion about this topic.  We would also like to thank our faculty advisor, Muna Ndulo, for his guidance throughout this process.

Dagan & Dorfman’s Article 

Interpersonal Human Rights

Full Online Symposium

Full Online Symposium

Commentary by:

From the Law of Nations to the Private Law of Mankind

Roxana Banu

Dagan and Dorfman’s Jus Gentium Privatum 

Evan Fox-Decent

Purging Private Law of the State

Mitchel Lasser

The New, Old, Jus Gentium Privatum

Ralf Michaels

On the Moral Commitments of Private Law and the Curbing of Global Corporate Power

Horatia Muir Watt

Justice, Politics, and Interpersonal Human Rights

Response by Hanoch Dagan & Avihay Dorfman