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Online Symposium 2017 – Unconstitutional Constitutions Around the World

5 Oct 2017

Symposium: Unconstitutional Constitutions Around the World

Welcome to Cornell International Law Journal’s first online symposium. This symposium features a discussion of Richard Albert’s Four Unconstitutional Constitutions and their Democratic Foundations, which can be found in the print version of CIlJ in issue 50.2. We are incredibly thankful to Professor Albert for his intriguing scholarship and support throughout this process. We are also very appreciative of all our symposium authors who have generated a fascinating, thorough, and important discussion about this topic. We would also like to thank our faculty advisor, Muna Ndulo, for his guidance throughout this process, and Jens Ohlin for his input.

Full Online Symposium PDF

Commentary by:

Unconstitutional Constitution as a Redeeming Oxymoron

  Juliano Zaiden Benvindo

The End of Binarism in Constitutional Thinking?

Francisca Pou Gimenez

On Albert’s Unconstitutional Constitutions

Joel Colon-Rios

When are We Truly Dealing with an Unconstitutional Constitution?

Mariana Velasco Rivera

The Origins and Implications of Canada’s “Constructive Unamendability”: A Comment on Richard Albert’s Four Unconstitutional Constitutions and Their Democratic Foundations

Dennis Baker

The Value of the Concept of Unconstitutional Constitutions

Sergio Verdugo

Unconstitutional Constitutions? New Approaches to an Old Problem—A Response to Richard Albert

Silvia Suteu 

Constitutionality in Making and Changing Constitutions

Response by Richard Albert