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Announcement: Elections & the End of Volume One, Vol. 1

10 Feb 2014

Dear ILJ Online Readers,

We are excited to announce that, yesterday evening, the Cornell International Law Journal conducted its annual elections. After reviewing a stellar lineup of potential candidates for Senior Online Editor, the Journal chose Noah Black to fill the position. In addition to a new Senior Online Editor, the Journal also elevated four of its associates to the level of Online Editor. These Online Editors will work in conjunction with the CILJO’s team of associates and external contributors to provide our readers with the highest quality scholarship on foreign, comparative and international law.

With the end of current Senior Online Editor Byron Crowe‘s tenure in office also comes the end of volume one of the Cornell International Law Journal Online (now Cornell International Law Journal Forum). During the transition period between volume one and two, which will last one week, the CILJO will not be publishing any online content. The online team will be using this time to mold the online platform’s strategy for the coming year and to make improvements and updates to the website. Regular publication of our online content will resume on Monday February 17th.

The Cornell International Law Journal Online Team